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Eco-tourism zone Son Kim

Located on National Highway 8A, the Ho Chi Minh Trail 35km, the Cau Treo international border gate 17 km, with an area of ​​300 ha. Spraying hot water here from the ground through cracks in granite, the temperature at a depth of 50 meters are 150oC, surface water temperature is 75oC, the Ministry of Science and Technology assessment and quality reserve.

Here visitors will be using the travel services such as hot water bath, adventure tourism, hunting, resort and treatment. With thousands of hectares of pristine tropical forest flora and fauna diversity, richness, and spectacular natural scenery and romantic, fresh air, the eco-tourism hot water Son Kim has a particular coloring , attracts tourists.


* From the city of Ha Tinh, according to National Highway 1A north 35km, to the Confluence Beach Forward, the National Highway 8A is about 40km west of ecotourism to the hot mineral Kim Son.
* Contact: 039 3879 325
* Accommodation: Tourist sauce Son Kim, Tam Thinh Hotel (039 3876 480), Hotel Bach Dai Dung (3878 039 512).
* Attractions nearby: The resort of Son Kim sauce along Highway 8A is 40km west of the economic zone Cau Treo international border gate - Kim Son commune, Huong Son district.

Location: Son Kim - Huong Son district - Ha Tinh Province
Tel: (84-39) 879325 * Fax: (84-39) .879305
Business Categories: Accommodations, restaurants, hot water bathing and tourist services.
Services: Service rooms, meals, sightseeing retired foreign service, message service, service hot soak in hot water treatment.

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