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Hon Ngu Cua Lo hotel

Hon Ngu standard hotel 2 stars (**) is located in the heart of Cua Lo town, with more than 10.000m2 campus Cua Lo beach famous poetic. Hon Ngu hotel with 150 rooms fully equipped, luxurious restaurant system, a modern conference hall can accommodate parties of assembly accommodating more than 400 people; the sports entertainment music the special dishes of fresh sea Central is the processing of skilled chefs and crew with civility and enthusiasm will always please you.

- With 150 beautiful bedrooms, spacious, fully equipped modern and luxurious. The rooms facing the sea should always create a sense of cool comfort.
- Airy restaurant system, widely suitable to put party conferences, weddings, birthday .... With special seafood dishes will always satisfy the customer to enjoy.
- Two large halls can accommodate from 80 to 300 people equipped modern needs for conferences, seminars by agencies in the country.
- System of parks recreation, culture, sports, music to relax to serve the needs of customers.
 Organization of tours and tourism: Vietnam Laos border markets, hot mineral baths ecotourism Son Kim, Tour Thai - Lao-Vietnam and the scenic beauty of the countryside around the country !
Address: No. 94 Binh Minh - town of Cua Lo - Nghe An Province
Tel: (84-38) .3824127 * Fax: (84-38) .3824446
Business Categories: Accommodations, restaurants and other services.
Services: Meals, seminars, conferences, accommodation, tourism and sports courts, massage.

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