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Me Kong hotel

Address: Town Khec Better - Kham Muon province - Laos PDR
Tel: (856-51) .250777 * Fax: (856-51) .250778
Business Categories: Accommodations, restaurants and other services.
Services: Meals, seminars, conferences, accommodation, tourism and sports, massage.

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Dong Duong Travel joint stock company is a member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as an official member of Vietnam Travel Association.


Việt Nam - Vẻ đẹp tiềm ẩn
Vietnam - The Hidden Charm
Vietnam landscape

Dong Duong travel Joint stock company
Add: No 7A/24 Pham Dinh Toai - Vinh city - Nghe An province
Tel: 0383.514.848 - Fax: 0383.514.848 - Hotline: 0916.099.642
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