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Beijing Hotel

First of all, Hotel Beijing would like to send you wishes for health and warmest greetings, Hotel Beijing term very pleased to welcome and serve guests staying at hotel. Please send to you some information on the most preferential service.

Beijing Hotel is located in the heart of Vinh City, on route 1A Highway. 15km from the beach of Cua Lo; Kim Lien relic 13km; Vinh airport 3 km and is located in the heart of economic, political, cultural, Nghe An province. Located near Ho Chi Minh Square and amusement park in Vinh city center, bus station near the airport train station so very convenient for travel and accommodation of the customer

Beijing Hotel Joint Stock Company under the Northern Commercial 3-star hotel is the size of Nghe An. With a 15-story building, a breakfast lounge and a bar capacity of 200 guests, 2 restaurants wedding hall accommodating 1100 seats, multifunction meeting rooms accommodating up to 100 seats, many VIP dining room from 12 to 30 guests, 3 Karaoke rooms, 12 rooms and 76 massage rooms are the most modern design in Nghe An

Beijing Hotel
Address: No 110 Mai Hac De street  - Vinh city - Nghe An province
Tel: 0383.54 66 88 - 354 88 88 - 0912 433 145 / Fax: 0383.59 54 79
Website: - Email:

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Dong Duong Travel joint stock company is a member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) as an official member of Vietnam Travel Association.


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Dong Duong travel Joint stock company
Add: No 7A/24 Pham Dinh Toai - Vinh city - Nghe An province
Tel: 0383.514.848 - Fax: 0383.514.848 - Hotline: 0916.099.642
E-mail: - Website: